Become a Everly Lane Enthusiast/Brand Rep

Everly Lane Brand Rep

Do you love our products, have a child aged between 0-3 years and are interested in becoming a brand rep?

There are two levels to our brand rep program; Enthusiasts and Reps.


Brand Enthusiast

Our Brand Enthusiast level is our entry level into our rep program. As a brand enthusiast you will be given a personal discount code to use across our store (excluding sale items) and a friends\family code which you will be able to share on your social media when posting about our products.

The only requirement to uphold your enthusiast status is that you must make a minimum of 1 purchase during your 8 week term. We do ask and encourage our brand enthusiasts to share our promos and comment on our social media content. Tagging us in your grid posts and stories is also greatly appreciated!

Brand Rep

As a brand rep you will receive a brand rep pack full of free goodies during your 8 week term as well as all the perks of a brand enthusiast. The more sales you generate as a rep (we can track this when your followers use your code at check out) the bigger your rep pack will be each term!

As a Brand Rep you are required to share regular stories and grid posts of your little babe in/with products from us. We ask for high quality (unedited) images to be emailed to us once you have received your brand rep pack within the first 3 weeks. Brand reps are encouraged to share our social media content, promos and giveaways. 

To become a brand rep we look for loyal engaged enthusiasts (minimum 1 term as an enthusiast with us) who love our products and use them/wear them regularly and have provided us with quality content to use on our socials and for marketing. 

Tips & Tricks

1.To be eligible as a brand enthusiast/rep you will need to have an instagram account.

2. When it comes to selecting brand enthusiasts and reps for our small business we look for people who genuinely love our products and are active on their social media.

3. You don't need to have a huge following, just be active and regularly engaging with your followers and our social media.

4. We are big on aesthetically pleasing photos. Using neutral/white backdrops is a great way to focus the attention on the product you are photographing.

5. Share your friends & family code with any post you make about our brand or products, this is an incentive for your followers to shop with us and it helps us to keep track of where our leads are coming from. (If we are generating a lot of leads from your code, it will be easy for us to promote you to brand rep and up your ranking each month).

How to apply

Please send through your name, your child's name and age and why you would like to be a brand enthusiast/rep to and we will get back to you within 3-5 business days.